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Friday, December 15, 2006

In action>> La Voute Nubienne

Begun in 2000, the Association la Voute Nubienne has revived a previously misplaced building form and technique to address escalating problems with building in many impoverished areas of west Africa. The technology of the Nubian vault is taken from Sudan and Central Asia and is meant to be a better solution for shelter on multiple fronts. It is entirely earthen construction, not relying on either timber, sawn lumber, or corrugated metal roofing, which has become either hard to obtain or economically unfeasible for many poor families. The Nubian vault technique requires no temporary supports and the technique is easily taught to local craftsmen. It is easily considered economically and environmentally sustainable, and it also creates better shelters by value of thermal capacity and aesthetics.

The Association does most of their work in Burkino Faso, having trained some 40+ teams. The most popular typology erected in this technique through this program has been the private home, but it is noted that a Catholic church and mosque have also been built just recently with the Nubian vault methodology.

Hassan Fathy also used this method at his village project of New Gourna in Egypt during the 1940's.

Sources: [english] >> Nubian_vault

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Anonymous said...

Where aint exist seismic activity in an area, this alternative of house must be the better, but if not, this build require an apropiately reinforcement that bring it ductibility and deformability.