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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Competition>> Shelter in a Cart

DesignBoom hosted the Shelter in a Cart design competition as its social awareness award for 2006. Those entering the competition were asked to submit designs that addressed the needs of homelessness throughout the world urban centers, on the street in a transportable unit and not in a confined shelter or center for homeless individuals. The results produced more than 4,000 entries from almost 100 different countries. The project was hosted in consideration of the nearly 4 million homeless individuals when combining US and European figures.

The winning submission for the competition was a three-man team from Greece [Dramitinos + Alkis + Papageorgiou]. Keeping cost and production in mind while at the same time considering the safekeeping of personal belonging from the elements, the designers incorporated a typical mass-manufactured shopping cart with a ‘closet’ compartment that contained secure and waterproof storage spaces. Within the housing of the same compartment, a fabric cot can fold out and cover a sleeping ‘tent’ of some sorts. Serious considerations were also made concerning the mobility of the cart as well as the durability.


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