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Sunday, November 19, 2006

CS10__Cubo Arquitectos' Door House

Cubo Arquitectos have addressed and presented a potential solution to provide for emergency shelter with their project Door House. The unassembled package is primarily composed of readily available building components such as hollow-core doors, pallets, and oriented-strand board. It is thought that this would allow for an easy and effective ‘packaging’ blitz to send to areas of disaster need.

The entire shelter is estimated to take 8 hours of assembly with 7 people. The pallets and OSB form the foundation/floor platform [Sorry, flat sites only.] on which the hollow doors are assembled to form the walls and ceilings. A steel tube frame is integrated into the design as well, forming a skeletal structure to support the plastic canvas that functions as the shelter’s roof. The shelter is anticipated to be worth three months of inhabitation.


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