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Sunday, November 19, 2006

CS11__Fisk + Vittori's GroHome

Husband and wife team Pliny Fisk III and Gail Vittori continue to promote sustainable design through their organization called Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, a non-profit program that had its origins rooted in an “ecological design” course taught in the field at University of Texas at Austin more than 30 years ago. Today the organization “emphasiz[es] design, master planning, policy and education, and tools” as a means of promoting healthy and sustainable community design and building.

A project that has recently been advocated by the group is known as the GroHome. This project is a ‘green’ and modular design that allows for owners/inhabitants to expand and adapt the structure and its program with a minimal effect on multiple factors. Along with the modular matrix, a “fat wall” can be added on to the structure and contains perhaps an entire kitchen wall or functioning bathroom. In recent light of respondes to Katrina and the need of replacing the homes and communities of the displaced people affected by that storm, Fisk and Vittori have interested parties in developing GroHome communities in those affected states.


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