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Sunday, November 19, 2006

In action>> One Small Project

One Small Project is an updated website and upcoming book calling for the submissions from creative thinkers, activists, designer, and the like with projects that address the issue of ‘left-over’ spaces that more than one billion individuals occupy and call home. Staggering facts of overwhelming numbers shedding light on the reality of squatter and slum communities is addressed not by recognizing large scale efforts or projects, but instead celebrates “One person. One architect. One small project. Repeat.” It recognizes the scale of problem as well as the gravity of addressing all of it by giving attention to individuals who are making a difference one space at a time.

Wes Janz is the author and instigator of this movement. He is currently a faculty member of Architecture at Ball State University and is also a registered architect. In his current academic platform, his strives to instill into his students the value of being a “global citizen-architect”.


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